What is an Urban Feminista?

Urban Feministas was the name that fell into my consciousness one day when I was out walking my dogs.

I had been through this terrifying experience of realising that I would never be happy slotting into society in the conforming way I was expected to. In my mid twenties, after one day waking up and realising that the party that hadn’t stopped for ten years had to, before I did, there was a constant feeling that my chest would implode if I didn’t DO something with my life. I had ‘done' lots to any outsider looking in - achieved a great deal - and transported myself up one whole rung on the class ladder.

But I had always been a dingledodie, and now safely slotted into professional life, my eccentricities were slowly dissolving into a mass of boredom, and despair.

I had never expected for myself an ordinary life. I had wanted to be Joe Strummer’s protege growing up. My life goal at 16 was to go squatting in Brixton and chain myself naked to number 10 downing street for some cause I didn’t yet know of. My history teacher suggested I go to university first - advice for which I am grateful now. 

I spent many a night on the streets of Manchester sharing a can with a homeless person and their dog, listening to their tales of love and loss. 

I learned that there is a remarkable resilience that exists in the human spirit, a desire for life and freedom so profound that it trumps all suffering. Love really does prevail eventually. 

In my mid twenties I started studying Tantra and other forms of indigenous creative, and inherently female, spiritual expression.

I explored psychotherapy, and quickly found that it was not for me. I once believed science and academia to be the holy grail of human understanding. Now, I see it is one tiny fragment in an infinite and ever expanding universe. 

And so instead, I studied intensively Tantra & sexuality. It was a mix of my own personal struggles and something inherent within me that led me down this path.

The mind body interaction and understanding the human psyche in a way that brings practical goodness to life on earth is what my work is about.

My approach to coaching and transformation is very much like my approach to life; scientific, experimental, intuitive, controversial and fun.

We don't grow up in a society where creative self expression of all of who we are is safe or acceptable or allowed. We lose our playfulness, our vibrancy, our innocence as we become fully ‘functioning' adults. Yet our lives and relationship are peppered with emptiness, dysfunction, grief, pain and confusion. 

How can I be a man and be vulnerable? How can I be a feminist and be sexy? How can I be me and we?

Urban Feministas is a place to be all of who you are, here, and now. A place to explore radical ideas in the face of a few thousand years of religious indoctrination and deeply embedded status quo conditioning.

It is a place to choose love when it can sometimes feel like it has been lost.

It is a place to choose mind blowing orgasmic bliss, profound self-love and ecstatically joyful relationships.