3 Fun Ways To Increase Your Magnetic Prowess This Weekend

This week I got some new toys.

Eeek! There's nothing quite like that feeling of making a new purchase or receiving a gift that you just know is going to skyrocket your experience of being ALIVE.

Regardless of what the Zen Buddhists might say, I believe that the physical and material realm has alot to offer in terms of joy, fulfillment & general good feeling.

I'm into real sensual (of the senses) experiences, experiencing life through my body, opposed to transcending the 'original sin'.

Of course, a spark of retail therapy can rarely fill a gaping hole that first needs to be doused in self-love, but when you've got a solid base level of wholesome relationship with yourself, a good shopping spree can titillate even more ecstasy to radiate from your pores. 

Albeit, going shopping wasn't actually on my original list of '3 fun ways to increase your magnetic prowess this weekend', but I'm pretty sure it could be, so you've just got yourself an extra tip which means you'll definitely be sparkling with pure feminine magic come Monday morning!

Here's what I'll be doing this weekend to increase my feminine prowess:

1) Hula Hooping with my new Hula Hoop in my living room.

Image: Glitter Hula Hoop London

Image: Glitter Hula Hoop London












Some divine force guided me to purchase a Hula Hoop on eBay last week and it arrived yesterday.

In Moon Magic I teach all sorts of practices to connect to & awaken your womb power, and I have a sneaky feeling that this Hula Hoop is going to take me to a whole new level of hip shimmying love.

If you don't have a hoop, pretend you're Shakira & roll your hips to get your Shakti energy flowing. Feel the tingle in every cell in your body!


2) Popping my Jade Egg you-know-where for the first time!

Image: Tarao

Image: Tarao











Yes. If you haven't heard already, I just signed up for a year long intensive training to become an integrated sex, love & relationship coach.

My interest specifically: female sexuality.

Once you start talking about wombs, it's not long before you venture down...

...into the realm of vagina's, vulva's, and if you prefer the Sanskrit terminology, the sacred Yoni (it's where enlightenment is found according to Buddha ;)).

I was surprised at just how many of my clients bought sexuality to our conversation; there is a wealth of feminine healing & awakening to be done there, and it seems, much moon magic too!


3) Going Dancing!

Woohoo! There's nothing quite like the sound of a bass drum vibrating through your bones to awaken your soul up to the joy of living another day on earth. I shied away from the clubbing scene for a few years because I had only known it with copious amounts of drink & drugs, and when there wasn't space for those in my life anymore, I also cut out socialising & music, because I didn't know how to do it any other way.

Now I know I can go into those environments & enjoy myself in a new way, totally sober, maybe a shandy, and be tucked up in bed before the midnight hour strikes with my cat purring away on my chest! My spirit lifted by the pure joy of moving my body to the rhythm of some damned good beats.

So how will you be spending your weekend in line with lighting up your soul? Will you be enjoying the physicality of your body? Honouring your feminine radiance & magnetism?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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To a weekend filled with fun & hula hoops!


Keeley xx 🦄💃

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