Full Moon in Pisces

Is it just me or can anyone feel a hazy, lethargic kind of floaty energy around right now?

A little disengaged perhaps?

Feeling lost in another world, a world that one doesn't have much control or say over?

A full moon glittering over the ocean with fish & mermaids swirling beneath the water & sailors singing in the distance.

This is the Full Moon in Pisces Lunar Eclipse. 

Fluffy, ethereal, new age sparkly dreams of the wild flowing imagination. 

It may feel a tad annoying if you have real tangible practical things you 'should' be getting on with.

So here's how to handle it: Let It Go. 

Like Elsa in Frozen. 

Allow snowflakes & icicles to flow out of your fingertips & surrender control & expectation.

It is what it is.

Tune into the subtle & very palpable magic available to you right now & go with it. 

It won't last forever. And it's not often we get to pretend we're Snow Queens now we're all grown up. 

Get out the purple sparkly glitter & play a while.

The seriousness & focused action will return before long & we'll be wishing we had just a few moments to get lost in our fantasies once more.

So today, allow yourself to be mesmerised & enchanted by the unfolding magic around, in all its chaos and beauty. 

Relinquish the need to micro manage your life & dance freely adorned in sequins & precious opal stones. 

Here's to a spacey Full Moon weekend,

With Love,

Keeley 🐟♓🌕 xx