Full Moon in Aquarius

FULL of life. Full of light. 

Shining bright like a silver jewel in the sky. Oh my. 

So full, and pregnant with life.

Surrendering to what is, and letting go with a sigh. 

Yesterday my heart almost burst with sheer love, admiration & gratitude for the amazing women who are currently enrolled in Moon Magic as we joined together for our live Full Moon in Aquarius call to worship our womanness and the moon and share our stories. 

Tales of great strength and resilience. We reflected on the theme of our 'wild hearts' and remembered times when we had followed the call to great adventure...

As you let go with yesterday's Full Moon (opposing the Sun in Leo), reflect upon where your self-centeredness may be blocking you from truly living in relationship & community?

Aquarius is the great humanitarian of the zodiac, the innovator, the activist, progressive & focused on growth.

A fierce spokesperson for the freedom of speech & movement, interested in social change.

The one who challenges the status quo. 

Ask yourself, where are you conforming too much? When did you last follow your own wild heart that perhaps led you to a great love or realisation?

Let this Full Moon illuminate your shadows and surrender them to the Full Moon as you let your freak flag fly high. 

Burn your sorrows into the night sky and watch the ashes drift away on the light summer air.
It is time to receive...

If you are interested in joining a group of absolutely miraculous women from around the world, then I invite you to join me in Moon Magic beginning with the New Moon in Virgo on the 1st September.

It is a double whammy eclipse season for the next round of Moon Magic, so it is a potent time to be venturing on this exploration.  

Can you feel your wild heart calling you?

Moon Magic is my signature program that is designed to reconnect you with your deepest power & radiance as a woman so that your whole life becomes an expression of truth & joy. 

In global sisterhood, we synchronize our lives with the Moon & open the space for deep feminine healing to occur, letting go of thousands of years worth of shame & conditioning to arrive fully present in our lives, here & now. 

Magical things happen when a group of women come together to make that faithful journey home to themselves...

Trust the call of your wild heart ❤️  

With Love,

Keeley 🌕 xx