New Moon in Cancer

Today the Moon is New in the watery cardinal sign of Cancer. The Crab. The Great Mother.

As we move into the second half of the year, this New Moon is a time to reflect on what we truly desire to cultivate in our emotional lives.

If you're feeling more deep & sensitive than usual, let it flow. 

If you feel like speaking to the small creatures you share your life with more than usual, let it flow. 

Cancer creates in us that enormous swell of mama-bear protection & nurturing energy we feel anytime we sense that a soul more vulnerable than us is in jeopardy.

Let that feeling flow out of you, it is what will save the world. 

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If you're feeling 'more emotional' than usual, or a particular blend of resistance is showing up, get out a pen & piece of paper or phone a friend, and let it flow out of you.

Your heightened sensitivity today is a blessing, if you're used to fighting your inner world, then today surrender.

Kiss the ground. Smell the soil. Eat a wild mint leaf & feel the endless love & support of the Great Mother beneath your feet.

Go hang with the ducks & pay attention to how gracefully they navigate their waters, unafraid to dive under the surface to get the gold. 

The Moon is at home in Cancer, so know that you are safe here.

Speak your intentions into a glass of water & leave out tonight to bask in the unseen energy of the New Moon. In the morning, wash your face with this water (or feed it to your plants) keeping the intentions you set strong in your mind as you do so. 

Ask to receive the guidance you need to set forth & surrender yourself to the great mystery of life, trusting that you will receive exactly that which you need to.

Enjoy this New Moon,

With Love,

Keeley 🌙