Full Moon in Sagittarius & Summer Solstice Double Whammy!

The Full Moon Summer Solstice is a double whammy of that strong intense extroverted yang energy!


It may feel powerful, or it may feel overly intense. Especially the latter if you are in the yin phase of you moon cycle (pre-menstrual or menstrual). 

(The opposing energies can leave us feeling drained, overwhelmed and even a tad erratic...)

Here's why
The Summer Solstice occurs when the Sun reaches it's solar peak in the sky, the furthest place from the equator and we see the longest day of the year (in the northern hemisphere this occurs on Monday 20th June)).

It simultaneously marks the peak of what we have been building up to over the past year and the decline of daylight length towards autumn and winter. 

It can be a time where we feel full of energy and enthusiasm, and at the same time feel the weight of disappointment at what hasn't yet manifested in our lives that we had hoped and desired for.

If we are in a job that does not light our souls we may feel the reality of that loss as we long to be out dancing in the sunlight & kissing strangers on the cheek as we make new friends.

If we are in relationships that are not "perfect", the challenges we are experiencing will be magnified leaving us wondering if we are incapable of the great love we long for. 

Full Moon in Sag
Sag is the truth seeker, the free-spirited fire sign that loves nothing more than to live care-free, moment to moment, grasping the fullness of each second, moving one's body in tune with the pulse of the belly of the earth.

Wanderlust & fun-loving, yet with a depth of humanity & connection that makes your soul burst into flames of love & admiration of the very nature of life. 

The Moon feels powerful & potent, yet a Full Moon always marks an opposition between the Sun & Moon - a more challenging dynamic than a New Moon.

The solar dual energy of Gemini dulls the vibrancy & freedom of Sag and brings us into our reason seeking minds. Where do we feel loss and disappointment in our lives? 

This can bring up feelings of inadequacy and a general fed up-ness that our efforts & desires have not yet been rewarded. 

Where have we been chasing someone else's dream? Someone else's version of success? It's time to let go of that. 

I wanna be free to be me. 

Joyful Surrender
What are we letting go off as we enter into the second phase of this year? What are you surrendering to as we move into the waning energy of both sun and moon, masculine & feminine?

It can feel difficult to surrender in a world that does not acknowledge the feminine waning energy and instead wants to be productive all of the time, yet this is where our true power as women lies.

The power of receptivity. We open to receive. It is how we create new life. Quite literally. 

What are you opening to receive? If you can tune into the subtle magic of this Moon & Solstice, you can fill your cup with a powerful blend of solar & lunar energy that will sustain you moving forward into the second half of the cycle. 

If you would like more help with this, I have created a powerful Full Moon in Sag Summer Solstice Solo Retreat where you will receive a potent meditation & activation so that you can harness the powerful energies of this time.