Everyday Sexism

Hey gorgeous love chop!

Happy Summer Solstice & Full Moon! 🌞 🌕

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Today I have a little story for you about how this activation meditation came to me. It begins 23 years ago...

23 years ago

This Saturday, me & The Team (see below) took a road trip down to the place that I was born and lived for the first few years of my life. I haven't been back there since I left about 23 years ago.

It is a town called Plymouth on the south coast of England, my Dad was in the royal navy which is why we lived there (it's where the base is).

My mum was only 19 when she had me, my dad 23, and when I reflect on how I was behaving at those ages, I'm pretty astounded at their parenting skills (& full of gratitude & admiration too). 

By the time I was 4, they had separated. My dad left the navy to care for me and we moved back to his hometown and into a council house.

My return visit this weekend was impromptu (I now live about 2 hours from the place & it is a seaside resort), and surprisingly 'unemotional' for me. I always expected it would feel weird going back there, but far from it was the reality.

I was inspired and moved. I visited our old house and facetimed my Dad from the park swing where our family has some infamous photos of me in a pink coat looking uber cute, & him looking like Sting.

Even my Mum got involved, texting me old addresses & landmarks. 

Everyday Sexism

We drove down to the waterfront, found a fish & chip shop & a little secluded alcove by the sea, with the big-beautiful-almost-full-moon beaming directly at us. 🌕

In the chippy, I got out my bank card to pay for our food, at which the guy said, "oh business card [it's my Urban Feministas bank card, I doubt I'm meant to buy fish and chips using it...], does the boss know? haha",

I kind of stood there stunned, and then it registered what had just happened. I very much doubt he would have said that had Bob been buying the fish and chips using a business bank card. 

What a dick. 

The food was pretty shoddy anyway compared to our local, so that made me feel a little better about the whole thing. 

Though I can safely say that our dogs didn't really have an opinion on that!


Moon Ceremony

We (rather I) then felt intuitively called to create a full moon solstice ceremony by the sea under the direct light of the Moon.

I had with me my Goddess oils in my bag and we used a couple of coins which looked like the Moon. I anointed Bob & myself & the coins with the different oils as we asked for direction & guidance & abundance to be brought to us as we move into this second phase of the solar year. 

Goddess Lakshmi - the Hindu Goddess of abundance - she was the main Mamma, shortly followed by Durga for her fierce feminine primordial protection, and Isis & Saraswati for vision, creative direction & destiny. 

Bob sat there with his eyes closed being led through this ceremony and then we threw our coins into the sea for the final ritual, all as our dogs ate seaweed.

It was a pretty sweet day! ❤️