New Moon in Taurus

Hey hey gorgeous lady,

Happy New Moon! Today the Moon is New in Taurus. She is also Exalted in Taurus, which means she is extra happy here - elevated & powerful.

Potentially the most potent New Moon of the year. 

Taurus is fixed earth & feminine. Firmly rooted in Spring. The Bull. The Horned Goddess. Slow moving, solid, persistent. This Moon is oozing with beauty, sensuality & pleasure. 

Ruled by Venus, the Goddess of the Sky. This weekend, delight and relish in the luxuries of the material plane as you welcome in this New Moon. Allow yourself to look and feel just gorgeous, and embrace the power that comes with that. You are a Goddess after all. 

Feel the pulse of the physical beauty abundant around you. In nature, in art, in the imperfections of life.

Freely give that which you wish to receive. Let go and trust, in the flow of life to, and, for you. Patience truly is a virtue that Taurus knows well. Would a Queen rush? She would not. 

As you place your crown on your head tonight feel the weighted grounded centredness it provides. Allow yourself to be supported by the earth, supported by the divine flow of life that animates all that is rich and blooming into form before your very eyes.

Allow yourself to be abundant in love, in beauty, and whatever material riches your heart desires.

Until next time,


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