The Psychic Snow Leopard


Today I want to introduce you to someone I met in LA when I travelled there back in March. She's pretty spesh actually...  

Yes, she's a horned snow leopard with a serpent wrapped around her leg and 3 eyes!

That's some powerful symbolic deep feminine art work right there...

Let's look at her message:
1) The Third Eye - AKA The Inner Eye - "a mystical & esoteric concept referring to an invisible eye that provides perception beyond ordinary sight". Erm... sounds remarkably like a little thing called your INTUITION!!!
2) Snow Leopard Totem - "born with extraordinary intuition, Snow Leopard never compromises that the path of intuition is unveiling before her. She can sense what others cannot and teaches the fundamental importance of intuition." (Boom!)
3) The Serpent - "The Snake represents the Divine Feminine, a powerful symbol of the life-death-rebirth symbol, constantly shedding to be reborn. The Kundalini energy. Much like the sacred feminine, the serpent has been scapegoated & her powers misconstrued. The Serpent is one of the oldest symbols of the Goddess. 
4) The Antlers - "Like a crown. In many cultures, the deer is a symbol of spiritual authority, intuition, gentleness, grace & magic. During a deer’s life the antlers fall off and grow again and the animal is also a symbol of regeneration. They are found mostly on male deer.

For me, this image is a powerful representation of the empowered feminine - intuitive, stealth like, awakened, powerful & in union with her own inner divine masculine. 

Now you get why I LOVE this photo so much right? By some magnificent forces at play, I was guided straight to her on the day that I was having my personal branding photos taken some 5500 miles away from where I'm sat writing this email to you right now. 

Can you believe how excited I was to come across her given that my work is all about intuition, moon magic, feminine awakening & empowerment?!

The magic at play to create that situation is phenomenal and unthinkable, yet it happened because I whole heartedly & absolutely live my life by following my intuition. 

That's the kind of synchronicity & magic that happens when you do. Now believe me, I learnt the hard way to get to this place of pure faith & trust in myself, which is exactly why I now devote my life to teaching other women how to create the same kind of magic & faith in their own lives.

With that in mind, I would love to invite to a very special live training I'm running tomorrow teaching you exactly how you can walk 'The Magic Path of Intuition' in your own life & start creating the kind of magic & meaning you know you're meant for. 

You can still register here... AND it's FREE! Just click here. 

See you then magic lady,

Lots of love,

Keeley xx 👑 ✨

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