Why Perfectionism Is Holding You Back (From Everything)

Hey hey lady,

Today I did a periscope talking about why perfectionism is holding you back and why 'failing forward' is my new favourite motto. 

Elizabeth Gilbert says that 'Perfectionism is fear dressed up in really good shoes' - meaning that we often say 'oh I'm a perfectionist' as if it's a good thing, when really it is just another way we stop our magic from expressing in the world. 

And if you are ready to let go of any fears, blocks, or comparisonitis that is stopping you from telling the world that you have arrived - HELLO WORLD, I'VE ARRIVED 🖐 - and you're actually ready to start doing work you love that has meaning, impact, and PERSONALITY involved, then you can still sign up for Wednesday's free webinar here ->> http://bit.ly/launchalready

See you then sweet cheeks! 

A lora lora love,

Keeley 🦄

P.S. The only difference between a super successful person and a mediocre-ly successful person is that one of them got comfortable with risk, uncertainty and doing shit that might actually fail - they got over trying to be perfect, and instead, took action. Which are you choosing to be???

Sign up for the webinar here >>   http://bit.ly/launchalready