The Power Of People

Aloha sweet mama!

This week I'm scoping all about my recent trip to LA & all the amazing things I learnt, & how they can benefit you! The most profound thing I learnt is this: the power of people, the power of community & the power connections is PHENOMENAL! It's something we've heard time and time again, but experiencing it for real is on another level. 

Imagine, wanting to start a business but you're stuck in fear or self-doubt or confusion, or maybe you want to take your business to the next level, but you're stuck in fear or self-doubt or confusion. Or maybe you just want to figure out WTF you're supposed to do next in your life, but you guessed it, you're stuck in fear or self-doubt or confusion.

Then suddenly, you're surrounded by a group of powerful, warm, welcoming women who are already doing that thing you dream of doing. Guess what? You suddenly realise you can do it too. You are lifted up by their vibration, by their ambition, by their success. Because they aren't more special than you... they've just blasted through the block holding them back. And they keep your vision alive. 

Watch the video below to find out why the people you surround yourself with are of significant importance for your own happiness, success & well-being.

That is the power of community sister! And is exactly why I have created a space for a powerful community of women to come together, support & celebrate each other here on Facebook. Come join the community, we're waiting for YOU!  

Now, let's hear from you in the comments below, share your thoughts, insights & any challenges you have experienced regarding the energy of the people around you. 

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