Food Poisoning, Palm Trees & Leading From The Front

Well Hello There Sweet Mamacita!

I can't believe it's been just over 3 weeks since I last wrote to you. Not that I haven't been thinking about you constantly for that time - I have. Alot. It's safe to say that I live for the incredible & inspiring women that are a part of this community (i.e. you). I've just been up leveling my life in a massive way. Way more than I had anticipated...

As you may or may not know, I left drizzly England, LA bound around 3 weeks ago, headed straight to The Ritz for a 4 day live event all about building heart centered, purpose led, conscious business. (I also managed to squeeze in a personal branding photoshoot, a day shopping with a personal stylist & time for adventuring & exploring).

I spent the past few weeks with empowered vibrant women who are standing up & share their message with the world, offer their unique gifts, & get paid for doing so. I never quite understood the meaning of 'high vibe' until now, but being in that space with over 200 women who flew in for the event from over 28 countries was life changing. The energy was palpable. It was powerful. Even, transformational...

2016 has been dubbed 'The Year Of The Female Entrepreneur'. And it's true. It's happening. There's a movement happening right now. With 7 billion people on the planet, coupled with the technology that is now a core part of our existence, is there any wonder that more and more women are leaving the work-place, that quite frankly, was never designed for a woman's body or her natural gifts, to give her dream a shot? Thanks to sisters who have paved the way over the past 100 years, it's finally time where women from ALL walks of life, can create a life on her own terms and empower herself FINANCIALLY, and basically make incredible income just by being herself & capitalising on her innate gifts (i.e. her 'feminine superpowers!').

I bet you feel it too don't you *|FNAME|*. The pull? The longing? The call? Do you know deep down you're meant for something bigger than a beige shade of mediocrity? But you keep telling yourself your dreams aren't worth it because you don't have enough money/ you're not talented enough/ not pretty enough/ you need to lose 10kg first/ you have to wait til the kids are older... blah blah. The truth is that whatever it is you keep telling yourself, it's just an excuse, because the only real difference between those who change the world and those who don't, is commitment, belief and perseverence. There are powerful women thought leaders changing the world & making real difference regardless of class, colour, age, weight, personal commitments, circumstances, personality type, sexual orientation etc etc. Whatever your excuse is, there's a woman out there who has the same story who is now changing the world. 

Don't die with the magic in you. You were born with a voice to use. Your dreams are there for a reason - to manifest into reality. 

I'm gonna be Periscoping live about everything that I learnt in LA, including working with a personal stylist to having a personal branding photoshoot with the TOP photographer in the industry. I'll be talking about my personal story, how the unlikely girl who grew up on a council estate without a mother ended up leaving her prestigious job as an academic researcher to pursue her dreams of creating a successful business & working with inspiring women from all over the world. 

It's yours for the taking. 

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Speak soon, YOU ARE AMAZING. 


Keeley xxx