Confessions of a Teenage Delinquent

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PHEW! This week I am knees deep in the creative slog - you know that grainy gritty part of the birthing process where everything feels like an uphill struggle, but enough experience tells you to keep the faith, because, at some point, you know the breakthrough will come. 

Cos I've been writing so much this week I thought I would share with you my rambling through this medium rather than the usual periscope vid. 

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Confessions of a Teenage Delinquent
When I was 16 it was my dream to move to London and go squatting in Brixton. I remember telling my Science teacher and she laughed, and then seriously told me that I should reconsider my dreams.

At school I was fiercely outspoken and opinionated. I was fucked off at the world. But I was also considered “clever”, so I got away with a lot. I remember going to smoke cigarettes in the toilets in between every class. We had this set up where my red-haired pal Rachael would stand in the cubicle and hold the ciggie (usually a Sovereign - what a name for a brand of ciggerettes?!) while me and Danielle would stand outside the cubicle and take drags from it while she held it, this way, when the teacher came in Rachael could slam the door shut and dispose of the evidence down the toilet and we would be stood facing Mrs Oaks with smoke puffing out of our noses but with no hard evidence to incarcerate us.

A lot has changed since those days, like quitting smoking for one, but the essence of who I am remains the same; it always fascinates me that there isn’t a single cell or atom in my body that is the same now as it was then, but I am still me, and I still remember those events. I am not the physical form of me but the life force pulsing through me, the unfathomable elusive magic and mystery of life remains ever present.

For a long time I blamed my parents, or the system, for my teenage angst. Although I remember it was more of an uncontrollable & intensely powerful fury that coursed through my veins in those years.

It wasn’t that long ago actually that I was faced with the absolute truth in a powerful coaching session with my own coach that I always had a choice on how to behave.

There were plenty of teenagers from similar families who didn’t abuse the party quite as much as me. I made that choice. It was part of who I was. And to move forward, I had to own that.

When you embark on the process of starting your own business, you have to look at every nook and cranny of your psyche that you’d really rather forget. Any shame about ways you’ve behaved in the past that are still lingering in your consciousness is gonna show up and bite you in the ass in the form of fear.

When that happens you have two choices: to forgive yourself, own that part of your story and move the fuck on. Or, the more common approach: squelch the un-comfortability and try and numb out the feelings of anxiety, panic & confusion with some excuse about why this isn't meant for you.

When I escaped to the bright lights of Manchester at 18, I realised that actually, squatting probably wouldn’t be my thing after all. I liked central heating, and showers, and clean laundry too much. But the essence of my desire to go squatting was still present in full force. It was my need to be anti-establishment, unconventional. I wanted to remove myself from the system. Challenge the status quo. I wanted to be different and stand for something. To lead a revolution, or at least be a part of one.

Just Like my teenage heros did: Joe Strummer. Bob Marley. Karen O.

And that revolution is happening right now ladies. If you haven’t noticed, 2016 is the year of the female entrepreneur. The time when women stand for what they believe in and create financial, spiritual and intellectual empowerment for themselves on their own terms.

So today I want to ask you these questions that will help you move forward in creating the revolution of your own life:

1) What dream did you have for your life aged 16? (I mean what was YOUR dream, not the dream given to you by someone or something else).
2) Are you prepared to take responsibility for 100% of your choices and experiences in this lifetime? (Because, it’s the only way you’ll ever be fully free to truly be yourself).
3) Are you prepared to forgive yourself for those things you’d rather forget so you can make space for the higher vibrations to move in?

If you know you’re ready for the next level in your life then I would love to support you further in getting out of your own way and making your vision of creating your freedom business your reality. This is exactly why I am offering a series of free webinars over the next month. I’ll be sharing ethe steps I took to go from stuck and confused wannabe entrepreneur to getting my business shit together and creating and selling out my signature program & replacing my salary.

Other side effects of setting up your own business include: increased meaning, purpose, connection and creative energy that makes you actually want to get the fuck out of bed in the morning!

You can register for the first webinar tomorrow. 

Speak soon lovely chops,

Keeley x x