Full Moon in Scorpio

Hey hey Lady,

Happy Full Moon Friday! Here's your Moonly guidance for moving through this week's Full Moon & Mars Retrograde...

Enjoy! ☆

Full Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio isn’t afraid of the dark. At all. Nor is she afraid of death. Scorpio knows that to truly live is to constantly die and be re-born. Just like the Earth does. Just like the Moon does. Just like Woman does - every month.

This Moon ask: 

  • Where am I bullshitting myself? Really?
  • Where am I pretending that everything is all happy shiny disco balls and niceties when really, underneath the facade, there is decay and rot?
  • Where do I swallow my truth?
  • Where do I hide my real personality?
  • Where am I more interested in being polite than honest?
  • Where do I self-abandon?
  • Where do I give away my power and then get pissed off and blame others for taking it from me (when really it’s my own boundaries & truth I need to get in check)?

Scorpio is the waning of autumn. Scorpio doesn't do small talk or fake talk or even any kind of talk unless it's getting to the real and raw and TABOO parts of life you’re terrified to mention. But Scorpio knows these places aren’t places to fear. They are essential for transformation to occur. They are the gold dust.

Scorpio wants to talk about the blood and guts of it all. The pain, the grief, the fury, the rage. Scorpio is your all powerful & all knowing pre-menstrual phase - chronically misunderstood & wrongly judged. The place where, when you can surrender your fear and resistance, will transform you whole life in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

Without transformation, what is life? A boring mundane fear-filled existence until you die? Scorpio says, “come to the darkness with me, because only then can you see the light, you will see there is nothing to fear there."

The Full Moon is a time for being fully radiant, and surrendering that which we need to let go off in order to receive more, intuit more, and become the next evolution of ourselves.

This watery Scorpio Moon is the most Witchy of Moons, she knows her power, and demands that you shed your skin to be reborn.

With Mars also going retrograde this week (the traditional ruler or Scorpio), it is likely that that which you have to shed is within yourself.

This Moon is powerfully linked to Mars retrograde because this Moon is ruled Mars, it is a time of going inwards, letting go, owning your darkness, and moving forward with it.

If you are at all interested in re-claiming your wild-self in a raw, inner-witch, inner-bitch, inner fucked-off, not-taking-any-shit-owning-your-rich-feminine-power-kind-of-way - this is your time. Bask in the Moonlight tonight, go inward, reach deep and yank out any remains of handed down decorum that keeps you hidden.

Shed your shame.

It’s time to care more about liking yourself than some person you don’t even like deem you acceptable and tolerable.

Mars Retrograde

Earlier this week, Mars went retrograde. Mars stationing retrograde is like getting stuck in a 2 foot deep mud pit at Glastonbury. Your wellies are anchored in. Deep. And, to top it all off, the heavens open, and you’re stood there in the pissing down rain with little more to do than look at yourself and wonder how the fuck you’re going to get out of this one.

Mars is the God of War. The powerful, courageous, forward focused leader that just took a 180 degree flip.

Mars just got up and started marching in the other direction.

Inwards he went, even backwards perhaps.

And that’s not really his thing you know. It's not really where he finds his natural step.

Or is it?

Put it this way, he’s probably DEMANDING that you start to own ALL of the parts of yourself you wish were more polished, more shiny, more socially acceptable. Basically highlighting all of the places where you're giving way too many fucks about what other people think of you. (Noticing a common theme here?)

Who are you really when you’re not pretending to be the version of yourself you think you should be for other people?

It’s time to relish in the tickle of the cold raindrops falling on your skin, revel in the moment that this sudden halt of motion has bought, paying attention to your 5 senses - all is perfect in it’s blatant imperfection. Take the opportunity to go within yourself to find the strength and courage to haul your whole self - warts and all - upwards and onwards.

Stop racing on impatiently. Instead, gather yourself, demand better of yourself in terms of real - even radical - self-acceptance, self-love and true self-expression.

And then persevere on with the courage and conviction that burns within you.

Until next week,

Keeley 🌕

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