A Good Love Story


Everyone loves a good love story right?!

Today a single friend and colleague of mine asked to hear other ladies's love stories for hope and inspiration.

I shared mine, and thought it was such a heart warming topic that I wanted to share it with you too!

And in return, I would love to hear your epic love stories - whether you’re single, in a committed relationship or otherwise.

Any kind of love story goes here. If the greatest love affair of your life has been with yourself, let us know, if it's has been tragic or painful, that’s welcome here too, or if it’s been full of pink fluffy hearts & wild lusty sex, we’ve totally got space for that!

ALL of you is welcome. Real and raw (with a sprinkling of unicorn dust 🦄) is how we like it best.

So without further ado, here is a brief snippet of my epic love story...

"When I was 21 years old, I was working a summer placement at the university after having completed 3 years of my degree, expecting to go on to complete a 4th years Masters degree. I had about £1000 saved for a summer adventure yet my at the time boyfriend and other friends didn't have any money. I was wondering what to do when I found out a friend of a friend was going to Cambodia to live for 6 months. The year previous to this I had lost a dear friend & soul mate of mine due to an accidental drugs overdose. Me and this person had planned to travelsouth east asia together and so I decided to go to Cambodia in his memory. (it had been the worst year of my life since he died, suffering with ptsd, having to attend an inquest with his parents investigating his death - it was traumatic and my soul was still suffering alot). So I booked my return flights to Cambodia on my nan's credit card one lunchtime, dealt with my dad's rebuttal (he was horrified) and found myself having a panic attack in Kuala Lumlpur airport a month or so later. It was a chaotic trip to say the least, fuelled by tequila and klang (cambodian beer). We were staying in the south of Cambodia in Sihanoukville, back in 2009. We got a bus down there and were staying in a place called 'Cool Banana Guesthouse' on Serendipity Strip (near to Serendipity Beach). I didn't know what that word meant at the time, I thought it was just a random street name. Anyway, upon arrival, we were met by a crazy giant Glaswegian bloke wearing a cowboy hat playing Radiohead on a left handed acoustic he had named Laura. He was in charge of the place. And in that moment I met him, I arrived home. I felt safe and happy and entertained and full of love and joy. For the first time in a long time...

The only way I know how to describe that feeling was that it was the first time in my life it had ever felt completely ok to be me. I had a boyfriend back home of course which didn't survive the trip. Our lives in Cambodia were chaotic (he was a type 1 diabetic drinking white Russians for breakfast and I had PTSD!), but we became best friends in that moment. I went back to the UK after my 4 weeks there as arranged, that was on 1st September, and by the 1st October I had decided to exit the university with a BSc (first class thank you very much), I could return to university the following year to complete my masters if i wanted, I had sublet my apartment to a friend, explained to my boyfriend I was going away and found myself back on Serendipity strip with that crazy Scotsman on a Cambodian adventure 1 month later. Our relationship had taken many evolutions over the past 7 and a half years and it took me a long time and a lot of soul searching to fully allow his love in, but he is my soulmate, my committed life partner, my best friend, my place of home. I have never felt a love like his. True adoration and devotion. And while our relationship is far from perfect, when all else fades away and dissolves, there is an unfathomable, indescribable, unspeakable bond that transcends all human understanding, something ancient and cosmic and wonderous that ties us together. He is my home."

The container of his love and has allowed me to grow and know myself in ways I never knew I could.

I will be speaking more about the power of love in future blogs and video’s, but for now, I want to hear your epic love story, or any crazy adventure you have taken in the name of love.

It is, after all, all we need!

Leave a comment on the blog below to let me know!

With copious amounts of Christmas love and sparkles coming your way,

Keeley xxx 💚❤️🎄🎅🎁✨

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