New Moon in Capricorn (+happybirthdaytome!)


Booya! Is it my favourite New Moon of the year?

It could be. It's up there with them!

It's definitely usually kind to me.

It's very almost on my birthday this year (that was yesterday), and what can I say? I love me a bit of SeaGoat mymbology (that's symbology + mythology rolled into one neat summary word - good I know).

So what does this New Moon mean for you?

Well let's first take a look at what Capricorn is about, as SHE, is potentially the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac (says the Capricorn)...

This Moon is earthy, cardinal, mystical, focused, clear, prepared & feminine.

Full of new beginnings and potential and possibility.

Not just for the next lunar cycle but for the whole year...

It's a potent energetic time these few weeks (solstice-christmas-newmoon-newyear-perhapsabirthday), where a lot is stirring & shifting in the unconscious, preparing for what is to become manifest as we transition into this new solar & lunar cycle. 
Capricorn is about the connection between the deep waters of our inner world (our unconscious), & our souls outward expression in the material world (our consciousness).

The fish tail of Capricorn keeps us rooted in our soul life, a rich inner world of processing, inner knowing, intuition & spiritual guidance. 

Her goat body allow us to climb the highest mountains, with the most perseverance & sure-footedness of any animal in our Kingdom. 

Capricorn is self-assured, nifty, steadfast & strong willed.

Sometimes aloof, definitely ambitious. Perhaps a little serious...

A visionary leader.

One who is patient, solid & stable.

So this New Moon draw on your inner Capricorn & allow her to vision your soul's highest expression in 2017.

Trust that her wisdom is rooted in a rich emotional life, supported by the ability, skill & perseverance to bring your goals to fruition. 

Intelligent, capable, independent & sturdy. There are no grounds that she cannot adapt to & thrive in.

Evolutionary theory says that around 400 million years ago Tetrapods (4 footed animals with vertebrae's) started to evolve from sea creatures (fish), which had taken around 2.5 billion years to evolve from the first single-celled organisms (amoeba).

Holy shizzle! That's some mind-bogglingly brilliant science right there!

But why are we talking about that Keeley you ask?

Here's why: because Capricorn New Moon is about your evolution. Your evolution from a tiny little zygote cell - formed the moment your papa's sperm + your mama's egg fused together - into the full vibrant creative expressive genius you are/ were born to be.

29 years ago, I, Keeley Tomkinson of Stoke-on-Trent, was the size of a POPPYSEED!!!!!!!!!

And now I am the size of a fully grown human being. I am approximately 37.2 trillion times bigger than I was 29 years ago.

And my soul is only just getting started. 



Here is my message for you: this week allow the New Moon in Capricorn & The New Year (also in Capricorn - always in Capricorn) to inspire you to fully become all that you are. Set forth on the continued journey to climb the mountain of your life with renewed gusto & oomph. 

This is your life! Right now. Happening, right now!

You have already come so far!

Take stock of that, fill your backpack with vigor & faith & a fresh pair of socks & leap forward into your adventure that is this life. 

You have been waiting 2.5 billion years...


That is one serious interim!  

So what are you waiting for?!?!

Dump your fear and doubt and insecurity at the door (i.e. with this Moon) and get gone already!

Ask yourself: who would I be if I wasn't afraid anymore? what would I do if I knew that I couldn't fail?

Draw on the wisdom of your 2.5 billion years of ancestors. Think how much longer you'd still be waiting if they were too scared of failing to even begin?!

The time is now!

Wishing you the most wonderful New Moon week with lots of celebrations & magical encounters!

See you at the top of the mountain!

Lots of love,

Keeley ♑ 🐐 🐟 🏔🌛 xxxxxxxxxxxx 💕

P.S. IAMGODDESS opens tomorrow!! Eeek! So keep a hot eye on your inbox for those deets! ;) xx