Full Moon in Taurus (Supermoon!)

Full Moon in Taurus is my fav! 

Why? Because the Moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning she is royalty there - elevated to the ranks of the sublime.

In the fixed earth sign of Taurus, the nurturing, feminine, loving aspect of the moon can express most easily, most naturally.

Moon in Taurus is like going to a swanky party where you are the belle of the ball, where the crowds are mesmerised by your charm and beauty and where you feel damn good about yourself.

She is sexy, alive, juicy, vibrant, fun & oozing with eroticism & pleasure & beauty.

Taurus Moon is drop dead gorgeous. The curve of a woman's body, the softness of her skin. 

Her elegance defined only by the sparkle in her eyes. Her radiance defined only by the love in her heart. 

The classiest Bull you ever saw.

Taurus is solid. Born of sheer strength & resilience. Sometimes stubborn, but always an almighty power.

She is sure of herself, sure of her soul.

This full moon, stand under the moonlight & allow her to shower you in pink glittered stardust while stating your 3 deepest desires out loud.

Declare yourself empowered to bring these desires into your life, surrendering anything it's time to let go of. 

Take back the simple sensual pleasures of your body & bask in the richness of what it means to be ALIVE.


Keeley 🌕💜💙💚 

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If you want to develop unconditional self-love, and the kind of female relationships we have been conditioned to fear & mistrust then this will be the best Christmas gift you can give to yourself!

Stay tuned to find out more! I'll be releasing more info later this week!