New Moon in Scorpio

Intensely passionate, Scorpio is the headmistress of death & rebirth. 

Well versed in the socially taboo, she sees through all the facade's, all the bullshit held in place to prop up the system so fragile it could crumble at any minute. 

Scorpio wants to speak about the underbelly of life - the moist, damp dark place where the woodlice & spiders come crawling out from when you move a stone that hasn't been moved for years. She ain't scared of no spider.

She wants to know what you think about in your darkest moments, who you are when you think no-one is watching, she wants to know the taste of your blood and your tears and your sweat...

Raw, powerful, taboo. The crux of transformation. 

She can hold all of you. In fact, she demands that ALL of you show up & pay attention to your life. 

No emotion frightens her; the richer, the deeper, the more potent, the better it is. 

She is water, she is fixed and holy fuck can she sting if you cross her. Do not cross her.

She is a powerful friend to have. Remain on her side.

She can cut you in two with a single look or open your soul to the wildest expansion of intimacy & connection.

She is autumn, she is the approaching darkness, the seductress, the enchantress.

She is pre-menstrual ferociousness and intuition and deep deep wisdom. 

She demands you speak your truth, she insists you only engage in encounters that can fulfill the depth of your psyche.

Scorpio New Moon is deep and meaningful and passionate and intense and full to the brim of wisdom & insight & raw untapped power. 

Go with that, embrace that part of you. Channel your inner witch, your inner magic maker, the part of you that knows, without doubt, the truth of who you are at your core & what you are here to do. 

This New Moon ask yourself: 
"where do I need more passion in my life?"
"am I fulfilled with my intimate & sexual encounters?"
"where can I harness the raw potential of my feminine power to create what I want more of in my life?"

And then when you know what it is that this New Moon is about for you, allow your inner witch to share her wisdom with you & set about making it happen.

The New Moon is a time for manifesting, bringing in & setting intentions for the lunar cycle ahead, & with this New Moon in Scorpio & Samhain celebrations this weekend, the veil between the physical & metaphysical worlds are thinnest, opening a portal of intuitive energy up to us.  

I'd love to hear what your New Moon intentions are so let me know by hitting reply to this email!

Until next time,

New Moon Love,