Black New Moon in Libra

You might have seen's it's been all the rage this New Moon to call this one a 'Rare Black New Moon'.

What does that even mean? And who makes up these terms? I don't know the answer to the latter but I can tell you that a Black Moon means that 2 New Moon's occur within the same month - a rare occasion occurring every 3 years or so. 

Any why is that important? Well, it means an extra potent flare of lunar manifesting energy!

In Libra

Technically, if you're in the UK - like me, the New Moon was in the early hours of Saturday morning on the 1st October, so perhaps not a Black Moon for some - even though the BBC are laying claims to one. 

I guess it begs us to consider: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Or not. 

At least not for Libra anyway. He (yes, he - Libra is an Air sign) would be more interested in discussing the proportions of his latest design project, or playing the harp to the most exquisite tune.

Ha! Maybe in times gone by. 

I cannot help think of Eros when I think of Libra. 

Libra's symbol is the scales, and s(he) does beg us to consider balance, and how to maintain harmony. 

She because Libra is ruled by Venus - the Goddess of the Sky interested in beauty & LOVE & sensuality & eroticism & art & pleasure & sexuality. 

I imagine Libra's Venus expressed as erotic art house movie's exploring the human experience of love & desire, peppered with the most gorgeous actors & the kind of cinematic experience only a true artist can appreciate. 

True appreciation of art & beauty & design & culture.

(Johnny Depp playing the almost harp. There is alot about this photo which is Libran. Beauty. Art. Culture...)

(Johnny Depp playing the almost harp. There is alot about this photo which is Libran. Beauty. Art. Culture...)

The balance of masculine & feminine. 

Libra needs harmony to survive. Which make them tactful communicators and leaders. 

Peacemakers. Sometimes people pleasers. Sometimes superficial. 

Cool cats. Hipsters. Greek Gods. 

This New Moon ask yourself: where can you let shit go and just enjoy the peace & good stuff?

Life doesn't always have to be a struggle. A fight. 

Life doesn't always have to be about growth & transformation via pain & depth.

Sometimes we can just take it easy and enjoy the beauty we find around ourselves.

Get out into culture. Wear something that makes you feel fashionable and alive.

Wear something that makes people look at you and think 'she looks cool'.

Buy some artisan raw chocolate with the best-designed packaging you can find and allow it to melt on your tongue as you take in the artwork at your local gallery.

Schmooze around drinking hazelnut hot chocolate's or chair latte's with your hair braided wearing DM's and your vintage denim jacket. 

Enjoy yourself. Embrace the pleasure of your senses. Find the beauty in your mind.

And beam moon rays of love in all directions wherever you go this weekend.